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How do we get devices to communicate with each other? How do we govern our universe of content? How do we transform handhelds into controllers that send chosen media or actions to desired output devices, and get feedback in return? Sookbox answers these questions by creating a new paradigm - a universal framework to connect and control all devices. Sookbox catalyzes a personal cloud connecting all of a user’s devices in one place, with multidirectional control and feedback.



Sookbox broke the traditional linear paradigm of one controller connected to one device connected to one output. We separate content from control with a framework that enables users to play any media or apps on multiple outputs, or control any IP-enabled device, using multiple controllers each getting the same or distinct feedback. This is novel. Two patents have been awarded, as well as others pending, that cover the broad spectrum of Sookbox innovation.

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Sookbox Patents

proven innovation

Sookbox has been issued patents that cover its innovative technology. The disclosure is broad, and includes novel concepts such as multi-directional feedback amongst various devices on a network, control of multiple devices from multiple handheld, and the treatment of connectivity information for discrete and non-discrete controllers. In the real-world, this technology is widely applicable to streaming devices, smart devices, dumb devices made smart, home automation and control, and the comprehensive Internet of Things.

US Patent 9,503,486: Configuring, Networking, and Controlling a Plurality of Unique Network-Capable Devices US Patent 9,497,137: Digital Content Connectivity and Control via a Plurality of Controller that are Treated Discriminatively


Method and System for Providing Digital Content Digital Content Connectivity and Control via a Plurality of Controllers that are treated as a Single Controller

Sookbox History

The Father of Connectivity

From its founding in 2011, Sookbox worked on designing the vessel to deliver its ground breaking technology. The Stream Runner, unveiled at CES 2013, was the predecessor to the streaming devices on the market today. Sookbox software on the user’s handheld communicates with the various Stream Runners in the network to control the delivery of content.

Sookbox Media


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